Doc treasured a female, she liked Clem

Doc’s Revenge, Summer 9, 1956 – Published by John Dunkel, Brought of the Ted Article, Invitees Throw: Ainslie Pryor, Harry Bartel , Chris Alcaide . Clem Maddow rides to the Dodge. Doctor informs Chester I am attending eliminate one. Chester gets Matt. Doc’s happy to take Clem, the guy would not say as to the reasons. Clem claims the guy won’t protect themselves. Matt tells Doctor to put their Colt 36 out. Matt informs Clem to obtain outta Dodge. Matt can’t find Doc. Clem are sample on as well as his sibling George was struck to your direct. Doc heard the new take to and you can shows up. Doctor digs a great .forty-five quality round out of Clem. George shot Clem. Doctor states he cannot dislike Clem any further. He kept their particular once a beneficial miscarriage and not returned.

A beneficial grizzled old-timer, Tewksbury, says he stayed on Pawnee, and they’ll attack at dawn

The Preacher, June 16, 1956 – Published by John Dunkel, Facts because of the John Meston , Led from the Robert Stevenson, Visitor Shed: Chuck Connors , Regal Dano, Paul Dubov. Seth, a newcomer to Dodge is bullied from the Keeler, an excellent boxer.

How-to Perish For Little, Peckinpah, Facts by the John Meston, Directed of the Ted Post, Secretary Movie director Robert Fanfan, Invitees Throw: Mort Mills, Maurice Manson, Lawrence Dobkin , James Nolan, Bill Light, Jr. Zach and you can Bulow, up with a cattle drive, try elevating a great ruckus. Matt desires Zach’s weapon. He wouldn’t quit. Matt hits him. Bulow pulls his gun. Matt eliminates your. Zach says to Matt Bulow’s sibling Howard have a tendency to capture your throughout the right back. Matt sees a person concealing from the shadows. It’s not Howard, however, Howard comes up and introduces himself. Matt tresses Howard right up. Usually Jacklin, the trail boss, happens to own Howard. Usually states he has fourteen guys down the street. Reisling, the resort owner, informs Matt you have got to lay him free. Matt informs Chester going score Howard. Matt informs Jacklin, their guys and you can Howard to find outta Dodge. Howard reaffirms he could be gonna eliminate Matt. Ben Cherry, a buddy from Chester’s Pa, elevated Chester. Reisling states he’s going to ride over to the brand new cattle drive go camping and you can tell the men they have been allowed within the Dodge. Matt and you can Chester visit the Dodge House to see just how he did. Howard propels on Matt out-of upstairs. Matt kills Howard.

Matt questioned heard out-of indians proclaiming once they had been planning attack

Dutch George, June 30, 1956 Compiled by John Dunkel, Directed by the Charles Marquis Warren, Robert Middleton, Tom Pittman. Matt’s Childhood hero, Dutch George is the best choice of an infamous set of pony thieves the guy need to today prevent.

Prairie Pleased, July eight, 1956 Authored by David Victor and you can Herbert Nothing, Facts by the John Meston , Brought by Ted Article, Invitees Cast: Robert Ellenstein, Anne Barton. Chester and Matt are out riding after they get test within by an excellent boy. His father states the fresh Pawnee take the new warpath. Jonas says to Matt we must include the feminine and you may students. Matt wants to recognize how that it scare had come. Jonas and his heap wanted a method conference. Matt says to these to go home. One to nights you will find a flame in the Danver’s rooming house, which have Pawnee arrows to. Matt says to Chester to keep monitoring of Tewksbury. Chester calls for Matt, Tewksbury has place a fire. Tewksbury claims the guy place Danver’s on fire and set the brand new arrows indeed there. A couple cowboys passed away about flames. Tewksbury daughter, Hushed You to definitely, says the guy attempted to turn the fresh new indians from the whites, but did not. Tewksbury’s Pawnee name’s Lost Warrior, he planned to pass away inside the competition. Silent One gets Destroyed Warrior poison and you will requires their muscles home.

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